Maine Bicentennial Special Event

This week I have been participating as one of the 12 special event stations working the Maine Bicentennial Ham Radio Special Event.  In 1820 when Maine received statehood there were 9 counties, thus for this even there are 9 stations 1 per county.  There are also 3 bonus stations that were had relevance at the time, such as Boston.

I am operating the W1K station for Kennebec county and am trying to work as many bands and modes as possible.  Most contacts have been on 20m and 40m SSB with some CW and digital mode contacts as well.

For more information specific to the amateur radio special event you can go here:

For more information about Maine in general surround the 200 year event you can check here:

You can find my near realtime W1K log via this link

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