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I received my first ticket (Tech) in 1994 while serving in the US Air Force out of Beale AFB in California.  I was in the 9th communications squadron working on older dummy terminals and mainframe computers at the time.  Myself and a friend always had an interest in LMR on the base and had thought about HAM radio while in high school, so we bought our books from Radio Shack I believe and about a month later we took our exams and passed.

Over the next few years we were somewhat active, but with deployments and other responsibilities, and honestly just not making it a priority we were really no longer on the air that frequently.  I got married in 1997 and a month later was deployed to Saudi Arabia for 99 days.

I separated from the Air Force in 2000 and moved to Maryland to work for a software company in Annapolis.  After getting my bearings, adjusting to civilian life, getting my computer certifications, etc…. I soon looked back to my radio and quickly realized that my original radio had lost my interest and I needed to get a new one to get me going again.  I was back on the air with a handheld Yaesu model xxx for a while…..

Fast forward to 2008, 2 children later and another one “in the oven”, a buyout from AT&T of my original company and we move to Maine where my wife is from originally (China, Maine).

I have only recently 2018 been getting back into the Hobby and have since upgraded my Tech class to General and then a week later to Extra.  I look forward to speaking with and perhaps meeting some of you on the radio or at events.

If you need a website, domain name, or computer assistance feel free to get in touch with me at www.dummysolutions.com


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